Here is a couple of testaments as to how Trigger Point Massage can help you.

For approximately 3 years I have been going to Jaime for Massage for a back  injury. I've been on disability for a previous back injury and I suffer from chronic low back pain. Jaime is very good at massage, she always pays attention to my stiff sore muscles. She works extensively in the areas where I have the most tension and pain. Due to my weekly Massage I have been able to do more in my daily routine. I have better range of motion and flexibility. I would strongly recommend Jaime for anyone wanting a professional therapeutic massage.
Sue T, R.N.

I am a Physician and a long-time endurance athlete. I am now 65 and have my share of wear and tear including lumbar degenerative disc disease. I have tried massage therapy off and on over the years and found short term relaxation and relief at times, but questioned the long term benefit until I won a gift certificate for a massage with Jaime several years ago. I highly recommend regular massage now as an essential part of body repair and maintenance and Jaime is the most professional, knowledgeable, and effective therapist of the dozen I have tried.

Thanks again for your huge contribution for keeping this old machine running hard!

Steve H, MD 

Testimonials of Trigger Point Therapeutic Massage

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